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My Top 10 Picks from Miss KL

top 10 pick miss kl

Every holiday season there’s always someone who doesn’t know what to get you and you end up with an envelope with some cash or a check in it.  Some people may find that kind of gift boring.  I, on the other hand love this type of gift – it gives me the freedom to get what I want.  Don’t tell me with all that shopping you’ve been doing that you haven’t found a bunch of stuff you want to get for yourself.  Well, come December 26th, I’m always ready to hit the stores and do some “me” shopping.   Hell, you don’t have to wait for the 26th, you can get an early start now!  Here are my top ten picks from Miss KL – and if you order now and use the code “CAKE” you’ll get free shipping. Woo hoo!

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