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MISS Techcessories – FrameBlast for iPhones Turns Your Life Into A Movie


Ever thought your life was a like a movie? Now it can be.

You ever been in a fancy restaurant with your boyfriend eating an expensive goat cheese salad, when, unexpectedly, your man breaks the news that he’s leaving you for the girl you’ve secretly hated since 2nd grade?  Then, right on cue, a guy comes by playing the saddest song ever on a tiny violin?  Did you think, in that moment, that you’re life is like a movie?  Well, now it can be a movie thanks to FrameBlast, a free video editing app for your iPhone.

FrameBlast is designed to be easy enough for anyone to use, but powerful enough to create something legitimately great.  Users can choose video clips they want to use to make their movie, and with a single click can assemble them into a cohesive whole.  You can even add music to your projects to set the proper mood either from your iPhone or from one of the pre-installed tracks  (note: Nine Inch Nails is not the best choice for romantic scenes).   Once you’ve created your masterpiece, you can put the finishing touch on it by applying one of several Editing Styles: Equilibrium (long measures/desaturated film stock), Festival (medium to fast tempo/warm lomo punch), Reportage (long journo cuts/California daylight), Haute Monde (mid tempo snap shots/Film Noir classic), Road Trip (long to mid tempo/cool classic tone), Strand (medium fast cuts/hot sunny saturated) or Blockbuster (fast action jump cuts/teal orange push).  When all is said and done, you can easily share your masterpiece to everyone you know on every social media website that’s hot right now, including Facebook, Vimeo, Youtube, and Tumblr.

FrameBlast is available for free in the iTunes App Store, with Android and Pro versions soon to follow.

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