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M.I.S.S. Techcessories: The Return of Google Maps

It wasn’t long ago when iPhone users young and old woke up to find their beloved Google Maps replaced with Apple Maps.  The verdict? To quote Jay Sherman, “It stinks!”.  Apple vowed Maps would get better as time went on, but now there’s no need to wait as Google Maps is now available in the iTunes App Store.

What’s changed in the three months since Google Maps was kicked to the curb in favor of Apple’s own offering?  It’s now sporting an even cleaner look, with detailed menus tucked away until you’ve swiped them into view and rotating 2D and 3D views.   Bus and subway users and pedestrians will be happy to know that street view (which is easier to use than ever) and mass transit directions have returned.  Turn by turn navigation is also back, and this time it incorporates Google’s very natural sounding voices from the Google Search app and Google now for certain Android users.  However, there’s a few notable things missing that might send power users elsewhere to get their maps fix.  There’s no night mode for turn by turn navigation or manually specified rerouting.  Local attractions can only be found by starting a new search.  There’s no bicycling or terrain data to be found.  Then there’s the fact that it’s not iPad optimized.  That said, you can be sure that someone at Google is already working to implement these features in a future release.

You can download Google Maps from the iTunes App Store now for the low price of zero dollars.

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