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Indie x 1XRUN Limited Edition Prints

indie dont get it twisted

“Don’t Get It Twisted” by Indie

1XRUN has collaborated with NYC artist INDIE on a limited edition run of 30 prints only available at the 1XRUN website. I’ve seen the paintings these prints are based on they are really impressive, so vibrant and full of life. The two pieces feature women who overcame obstacles to pave their own way. Here’s what Indie had to say about the pieces:

Both of these pieces where originally created for my first solo exhibit “Go Hard” in LA. The title and theme of the show came about from an epiphany I had and motto that I live by. In my life, I have many roles and at the end of the day no one is going to show me or tell me how to do it. My success all depends on how hard I want to go. I am my own artist. All the pieces are worlds of personal declarations; they are constant reminders on to help me stay empowered. Basically lots of self-motivation, fear conquering and with an undeniable twist of feminism in most of my work. The female icons I used not only for the purpose of their stunning beauty but also their story of how they came, conquered and rocked the world. “Don’t Get It Twisted” with Maria Montes, Queen of Technicolor, and “Own Your Power” with Marquita Rivera- Queen of Latin Rhythm. I loved how they where small town girls, pursued their dreams, broke barriers and made it to worldwide legendary status, thinking BIG. I like that badass female touch to the pieces.

indie own your power

“Own Your Power” by Indie

The prints are Don’t Get It Twisted and Own Your Power and they each measure 14 x 14 inches and are on sale for $50. They’d make the perfect holiday gift for the burgeoning collector or art aficionado. The sale ends on the 14th.

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