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Elizabeth Street Cosmetics Review

I have documented my thoughts and ideas when it comes to high end luxury cosmetics at department stores to budget friendly makeup finds at your local drugstores. This time I wanted to share my thoughts with a local and independent brand, Elizabeth Street Cosmetics.

Named after the street she resides in the Noe Valley neighborhood of San Francisco, creator and owner Kelly Crispen offers her vision of what women want to help them feel their absolute best through lipstick, gloss and lip balm. What drew me to this brand is not that it’s locally based but the names of all the colors are after streets in San Francisco, namely Noe Valley, Castro, Mission districts. Streets that I love and know so well, probably because I can name a great bar, restaurant or random memory when I look at the name of a lipstick or gloss!

Lipsticks are Street Stick, glosses are Street Gloss and the colorless lip balm is, you guessed it, Street Balm. Street Sticks come in 28 shades while the Street Glosses offers 36 shades. You are really hard pressed to find a shade that would not fit your current mood. The Street Balm is colorless and is a best seller.

Here is what I went with:

Mariposa Street Stick – (cream formula) a rich, creamy merlot

Hayes Street Gloss – rich cranberry

Each color can stand alone because they each pack great amount of pigment and when you combine them together, it’s a beautiful wine that is perfect for holiday parties or anytime you need to add some drama to your look.

So here I am with Mariposa:

and here’s Mariposa layered with Hayes gloss:

I am so impressed with the longevity of each product. The lipstick lasted about 4 hours before I felt the need to reapply and that was after eating lunch. There’s a good amount of slip with the initial application. It felt really moisturizing the whole time I wore it, due to the Vitamin E packed in the formula and it’s paraben free. The gloss has both Vitamin C & E so not only is it moisturizing but it boosts collagen. Both items are infused with Vanilla, the scent is reminiscent to the MAC lipstick and lipglass. The color is rich but not too over dramatic, definitely didn’t feel out of place wearing this at 8:00 am in a staff meeting.

Seriously, the gloss’ pigment and moisture lasted almost as long as the lipstick on my lips. The pigment intensity is comparable to the Dolce and Gabbana glosses. I take my glosses seriously and I’m considering picking up a few nude shades because let’s face it – I just don’t have enough nude shades!  I guess that means I will need a matching nude lipstick as well because who am I to break up a great team?

Unfortunately, I did experience a little dryness around my top lip lines the next day but my lips didn’t itch once while wearing. I plan to wear these maybe every other day. Overall, these played really well considering I have super sensitive lips.

I was lucky that my husband picked this up for me at the last street fair event he did – Bluxome Street Winery, SF. His booth was set up right next to Kelly and of all the fairs our daughter and I accompanied him, I missed this one. Probably for the best because I would have went home with more than just this cranberry wine duo. I picked these shades out from the website,, I’m very lucky that I chose two shades that were meant to be paired together. I can’t take full credit, my sister did confirm that I was making the right choice (after bugging her for a solid 20 minutes of what I should get).

The one negative I will point out is that I wish that the gloss was just marked a few dollars less, like most cosmetic brands. Otherwise, these are solid products that I would recommend to anyone looking for a great lipstick and/or gloss. I didn’t try the Street Balm, so I cannot offer any opinion about it.

I am hoping for future products named after streets in the Sunset, a neighborhood I lived in and still love to this day!

Street Balm/Stick/Gloss – $23/USD

For online orders or where you can find ESC, please refer to the site above.

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