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The Scent of Departure Fragrances

scent of departure fragrance
Have you ever traveled somewhere and distinctly remembered the scent? I have, in fact I can probably think of a scent for every place I’ve visited. I’ll never forget the jasmine permeating the air in Andalusia Spain, the lemongrass scent that lingered in Thailand or the smell of steaming pretzels and sugar cinnamon-coated nuts roasting on the streets of New York City.

The Scent of Departure Eau De Toilette Spray is trying to help you relive your travel memories. This new line of fragrance features 20 unisex scents attempts to evoke the scent and image of each city it represents. Each bottle is affixed to a pack that looks like a checked luggage tag, complete with each city’s three digit IATA airport code to further underscore the travel concept. Available scents and airport codes include Paris (CDG), Bali (DPS), Budapest (BUD), Istanbul (IST), Tokyo (TYO) and Dubai (DXB). Very clever!

You may not be able to afford a plane ticket to an exotic locale, but you can smell the experience – it will take you one step closer until you can get away. This would make a great gift for anyone that loves to travel, or has great memories of a cherished place. You can find The Scent of Departure fragrances on The Scent of Departure online store.

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2 Responses to “The Scent of Departure Fragrances”

  1. meligrosa says:

    that is really fun packaging =)

  2. Alexis Dayers Alexis says:

    ooh, the fragrance nerd in me really wants to smell this!


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