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She’s Got Sole: Nike Studio Wrap

Studio workouts are a fun way to keep things tight. Yoga, pilates and even ballet-inspired routines help keep things toned and together. Although these routines are meant to be done barefooted, nobody wants to risk stepping in the sweat form Zumbas past. In comes the Nike Studio Wrap, an innovative footwear design thats somewhere in between ballet slipper, ace bandage and sneaker.

The Studio Wrap consists of three parts: the flat, wrap and ribbon. The ladies behind the design of the Wrap drew inspiration from their personal workouts. They wanted to give the foot traction without impacting the free movement thats possible when barefoot. The result is a gorgeous cross training item that is lightweight and functional.

The Nike Studio Wrap will be available in Spring. It is expected to retail for $110. Check out the design explanation video below.

Source: Nitrolicious

Image Layout: C_Rocka


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