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M.I.S.S. Techcessories – Marimekko’s iPhone 4/4S Cases

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Marimekko’s New iPhone Cases

Still haven’t upgraded to an iPhone 5 yet?  Then I’ve got good news for you as Finish design house Marimekko is about to drop a handful of iPhone 4/4S cases baring some of the company’s signature patterns and prints.  The series is split between two different styles of cases.  For those who love both loathe color and love circular patterns there’s the Kaivo, Karakola and Rasymatto.  Fans of eye meltingly colorful floral patterns can choose from the Unikko, Siirtolapuutarha or Satula.  Each case is made from 100% polycarbonate (the stuff that makes packaging ridiculously hard to open), and should be arriving at Marimekko stores and retailers soon.  If you can’t wait to snag one in person, however, they can be pre-ordered now through Marimekko’s online store.

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