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Ask MISSter Simms – Why Am I The Big Spoon?

big spooning

There’s nothing wrong with being the Big Spoon

Dear MISSter Simms,

My boyfriend is a 6’6″ monster of a man, and while I’m not small per se, I’m a lot shorter than him coming in at just under 5’2″.  Yet despite our huge size difference, he usually wants me to be the big spoon when we are sleeping.  Why?  I do get to be the little spoon sometimes and I don’t really mind being the big spoon, but in what world does that situation make any logical sense?

Spoon Woman

Dear SW,

Big spoon, little spoon.  Does it really even matter as long as there’s some knifing and forking going on?  No, but really, I too am a fan of being the little spoon from time to time.  There’s a number of reasons for this:

  • The side of the bed I sleep on generally determines my sleeping position.  If I’m up against a wall, then I’ll face away from it and totally be cool with being the big spoon.  If I’m on the opposite side of the bed then I’d rather be the little spoon.
  • Sometimes, after a long day at work taking crap my boss and dealing with people microwaving leftover fish (seriously…where is that ok?), it’s nice to lay down and be comforted by your boo big spooning you.
  • I like the feel of boobs pressed up against my back.  Maybe your boo does too.

Either way enjoy the spooning!  And the forking.  Especially the forking.

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