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New Music Round-Up: Azealia Banks, Lana Del Rey, Iggy Azalea and More…

I’ve been busy lately juggling life, work and family so I haven’t had as much computer time as I would like. When I finally sat down to go through all my emails I realized that there’s been a bunch of new good music released so here’s a quick round-up of what I’m catching up on and listening to…

I don’t care what people say about Lana Del Rey – manufactured or not – the sound and look are on point.

More biker dudes in Jack Davey’s Ride On video…

Listen to Bat for Lashes’ new album The Haunted Man courtesy of NPR.

Azealia Banks shows us she can sing as well as she can rap – all while evoking the 90s.

In other Azalea news, the Iggy variety has a new video and mixtape. You can download the mixtape on

Here’s Major Lazer on the making of Jah No Partial…

And for good measure, here’s some Willy Moon. I couldn’t get his song Yeah, Yeah, Yeah from the new Apple iPod commercial out of my head so I had to find more. I love his retro sound and look.


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