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MISS Beauty Tip of the Week: Kate Moss and a New Lipstick Find….

Okay she may not be number three on my girl crush list but Kate Moss is definitely there. I think it’s more of a style crush I have on her. Okay she may have ended the curvy supermodel phase in the mid-90’s to usher in the ‘waif chic’ look that carried through most of the 90’s and well currently, but I cannot deny that the girl can dress in a class all by herself.

Kate cleans up well from muddy wellies at  an all day music festival to cocktail chic to artfully disheveled, perfectly mussed rock star wife vibe:

She always keeps my attention especially when she partnered with Topshop with a capsule collection she helped designed. Sadly, we don’t have a Topshop boutique here in the SF Bay Area so I went with the next best thing – the Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Lipstick collection:

I went with cherry red, #09 and a shade that was meant to layer with other, #15 – a sparkly mauve that’s almost taupe:

Here’s #09 by itself:

And here it is with #15.

It’s pretty subtle but I like the soft shimmer the topper imparts and it warms up blue in this red.

My initial thoughts – it has a very vintage cosmetic smell. I am quickly reminded of my Tinkerbelle play makeup as a child but this does smell a little better. The scent is vaguely cherry chapstick but don’t worry if you are sensitive, it doesn’t last that long. It has a great amount of slip and for the first four hours, my lips did feel moisturized and the color faded. I didn’t drink many beverages at the time so keep in mind if you do, you may need to reapply within the first two hours of wearing. It was a little over four hours when I noticed some fading. I didn’t apply this with a lip liner so you may want to use a cherry red liner to keep color from bleeding and as a layer of color when fading begins.

I was afraid that this might make my lips itch since it was my first time using Rimmel London lipsticks. My favorite drugstore brand is Revlon, I can say this is another brand I can comfortably purchase at my local Walgreens or Target and it’s also slightly cheaper than Revlon. I didn’t wake up the next morning with chapped and irritated lips – a great sign!

Even after the photos of Kate partying just a little too hard surfaced, I was still a fan. Her face is a reminder of a time back when models were SUPERMODELS and she broke that mold by being a skinny little girl cat walking with Naomi, Christy, Linda, Cindy and all the other Glamazons of the early 90’s.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Listick – Kate Moss Collection consists of 9 new shades for the Fall ranging from red, wine, plum to nude. The retail price for this varies upon location – I bought mine for $6.49/USD and I just discovered it is selling for $5.19/USD at Ulta. I am interested in the nude shade, #14 but that’s no surprise there and if I do get around picking up I will definitely pick this up at the nearest Ulta.

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