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M.I.S.S. Techcessories – Incase Leather Snap Cases

Incase Leather Snap Case

Incase Leather Snap Case

Admit it.  As soon as the iPhone 5 was announced, you bought a lawn chair and planted your butt right in front of the nearest Apple Store you could find.  When launch day came you gladly handed over a huge wad of cash to some pimply faced Apple store employee and walked out of the store with a self-satisfied look on your face.  Then you quickly swaddled your precious, expensive baby in bubble wrap, because you couldn’t get your hands on an iPhone 5 case.

Until now…

Incase has come to the rescue with a sophisticated Leather Snap Case designed specifically for you shiny new investment.  It combines the standard Incase Snap Case with genuine leather to not only protect your iPhone 5, but also give it a refined look and feel.  Semi-transparent aniline dyes have been added to preserve the leather’s qualities and add subtle colors.  And because the case is made from real leather, it’ll develop a rich patina over time for a unique, distressed look.

The Leather Snap Case is available now for $49.95 in black and brown at


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