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Halloween Makeup Tips: Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’

Halloween is right around the corner and I bet you don’t have a costume ready, okay that may just be me. My costumes get easier and easier every year – my daughter picks a princess costume and I work around her theme. But for those of you that need some last minute ideas,  here’s a quick and easy cosmetic effect that you can implement into your costume – bruises!

I have been working as a makeup artist for a few shows done by my theater group, Bindlestiff Studios, and the last show I assisted on featured a character that had been tortured. We used special effect latex skin to give the appearance of severely beaten feet but I created massive body bruising with special stage makeup:

The Bruise Wheel by Kryolan Professional Makeup and here are the results on Alan:

Don’t worry if you can’t get a hold of this awesome effect makeup, you can still create the same type of effect with makeup you already have.

Pick an area of your body with good amount of surface area – I chose the front of my wrist so it would look like someone grabbed me really tightly. Take a blue-red lipstick, I used NARS Scarlet Empress, in a satin or semi-matte finish with your fingers and rub. I like to concentrate the color in the middle and fade it out with a sponge lightly around the edge of the bruise:

Also, try to use a shade that doesn’t have any glitter in it. Lightly powder with translucent setting powder so the color doesn’t migrate. Next add a layer of a violet/purple shade, I used Lancome’s Violette Coquette – an intense violet shade. I added this in random spot of the bruise and blended the edges with my fingers:

I felt like it needed more blue, so I took a blue eye liner, MAC Hyacinth Eye Kohl, smudged on my finger tips and began to rub in the areas with the purple tones. This will make give it a ‘second day’ bruise look, which is when bruises take on a blackened blue appearance.

The messier the edges the better, bruises aren’t always uniform in shape or circumference so don’t worry about getting it perfect. You just want the effect of broken capillaries under your skin. This is the easiest effect to recreate since you most of us have the components already in our makeup collection. This would be a great addition to your Walking Dead themed makeup or perhaps a black eye to go with your Roller Derby Doll get up.

Either way, have fun and play with your makeup and Happy Halloween!


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4 Responses to “Halloween Makeup Tips: Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’”

  1. Shannon says:

    Wow, as soon as you added the blue liner the bruise became so realistic! If I didn’t know it, I would definitely think it was a real bruise. Great job!

  2. Thanks so much MM!! Also, thanks for stopping by – we appreciate your comments!

  3. Tatiana says:

    Poor Alan…good job bruisin him up! Hahah I’m late on this, I know…

  4. It was a fun job! Especially spraying him down with a mix of water and baby oil to mimic sweat.


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