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Angel Haze Freestyle (Not Safe for Work)

angel haze

I’ve been hearing about Angel Haze lately and I have to say that my first impression was that her music was not for me. She’s a tough chick who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. She kind of reminds me of the female equivalent of Tyler the Creator – she’s got a really dark side to her. That said, the more I listen, the more unmistakable it is to me that this girl can FLOW. Not Kreayshaw flow, but flow that could go head to head with any of the big guys in the game right now. I may not really like what she has to say – and that may be because I’m older and a mom now – but you have to recognize that Angel Haze definitely has skills. Be careful, this is definitely not rated G. What do you think about Angel Haze?

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