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My Latest Obsession: The Corner Store

Here in San Francisco, our summers occur when the rest of the country is getting ready for Fall. September and October are looked forward to in the same way that others can’t wait for July and August. Since the days are warming up, and because I haven’t written about food in some time, this week, I am obsessing about a new eatery in town called The Corner Store.

Nestled at the intersection of the Laurel Heights, NOPA and Inner Richmond Districts (right off Masonic and Geary). If you’ve ever been to this part of town, you know that it needed some love. People are either here to go to Trader Joe’s, or visit what is quite possibly the saddest Best Buy in California. The Corner Store features classic drinks (fountain and alcholic) and classic American fare. Emphasis on classic. They really aren’t joking about that.

I went for lunch last week, mostly so I could enjoy the ambiance without the larger crowds that are already lining up for dinner, and was impressed with the food. My friend, Lee Ann and I split the Fried Chicken Sandwich and Corner Store Burger. Both were tasty. The chicken wasn’t oversalted and was crispy and moist; the burger was juicy, had housemade bread and butter pickles and bacon jam (I can’t turn down anything bacon). The Fried Green Tomato sandwich also sounds like a winner, but I have a hard time walking away from a good burger (just like not being able to turn down bacon). The burger comes with fries, which are shoestring, plentiful and crispy, while the chicken sandwich comes with a dill potato salad.

The real reason why I was at The Corner Store was to partake in their alcoholic milkshakes, an idea whose time is way past happening, especially here in SF. There are four “Fountain Inspired” drinks: The 50/50 (spiced rum and orange marmalade), The Manhattan (vermouth and cherry syrup), The Grasshopper (creme de menthe and absinthe) and The Flamingo Kid (vodka and lemon soda). My favorite was the 50/50, and I could easily drink these all day. I’m not a fan of black licorice, so The Grasshopper wasn’t totally my cup of tea (although I did have a sip of one, and it’s not that strong). I also had a sip of The Manhattan and it was worth ordering as well (it’s their most popular Fountain Inspired drink, so they are doing something right with it). Be warned – the shakes are not thick like your normal milkshake, and they are on the small side, for the price ($9); however, they are tasty and a great compliment to the food. Also, it would be really difficult not to enjoy an alcoholic milkshake. If you’re not game for that, or are lactose intolerant, the bartenders are quite knowledgeable and can make you something from a pretty extensive list.

The Corner Store is open for lunch and dinner (be advised they are closed from 2:30pm to 5:30pm) and brunch on the weekends. Go enjoy something!

Until next week (and my next obsession)!

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