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M.I.S.S. Techcessories – Apple’s New iPhone, iPods, and iOS

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Introducing the iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5G, iPod Nano 7G, and iPod Shuffle with new colors

As was predicted by the Aztecs, Apple is about to drop a whole bunch of new, shiny, things for people to obsess over.  Let’s take a look, shall we?

iPhone 5

Dun dun dun!  The phone you’ve all been waiting for!  Suprisingly Apple’s sixth iPhone (don’t let the numbering fool you) is not radically different from the 4S, which itself was barely different from the 4.  The most notable changes to the iPhone’s design are it’s increased thinness, two tone outer shell (available in black/black and white/silver), 1.2 megapixel front facing camera (the previous one was VGA) and the lightning connector at the bottom of the phone that’s replaced the standard connector that’s been in place since the beginning of time.  Oh, and the formerly 3.5 inch screen has made the jump to 4 inches and features increased resolution over its predecessor.  Inside there’s the new A6 processor that’s set to power iOS6.  The more things change, though, the more they stay the same.  The iPhone 5 still shares a lot of features with the previous version, including the price.  The iPhone 5 starts at $199 (16GB) and goes up to $399 (64GB).

iPod Touch 

The latest version of the iPod Touch doesn’t stray too far from it’s predecessors as well, but still manages to pack in a bunch of things that make it the best iPod yet.  The back is made of brushed aluminum now, and it’s got the same 4 inch screen found in the iPhone 5.  The processors inside has been upgrade to a dual core A5 chip, and there’s a new iSight 5 megapixel camera on the back of the iPod that’s leaps and bounds better than the cameras on previous iPods.   There’s also finally support for Siri, perfect for people who love having inane conversations with their built in helper software.

Unlike previous iPods Touches, the fifth generation version will be available in a rainbow of colors for $299 (32GB) and $399 (64GB).  Ouch.  On the bright side, they’re still cheaper than an iPhone with service.

iPod Nano

For the seventh Nano, Apple decided to once again ditch the square form factor used on two previous models and return to the rectangular shape used for all the other versions.  The new Nano actually looks like an extremely stripped down iPod Touch, with a 2.5 inch touch screen and a familiar looking home button right underneath it.   However, like previous versions, the new Nano still excels at playing back music and movies for ridiculously long periods of time.  There’s also support for Nike + and Bluetooth devices, which should make gym rats very happy.  They’re going for $149 and will be available in the usual plethora of hues (like…all of them…ever).

iPod Shuffle

Finally, the Shuffle.  The major change to the Shuffle?  It now comes in more colors!  Maybe Apple will see fit to add a screen to the Shuffle one day…when Hell freezes over.

All of these babies will be out  September 21st.  With that out of the way, we can all get back to  thinking about what the new iPhones and iPods will look like next year!

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