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Jack Davey – Howl at the Moon

jack davey howl at the moon
Jack Davey, the powerful, sultry frontwoman for electro-sex Los Angeles duo J*DaVeY, will release a 3-part series of EP’s that will show fans a completely different side of her than they’re used to. Her studio sound has been stripped down to the basic essentials “a girl, her shitty guitar, and introspective songwriting.” Her new project will be released in three cycles: L0-F! Side A on Octbober 2nd, L0-F! Side B on November 6th and a deluxe version containing both sides on December 11th.

Jack taught herself how to play a Squire Strat and traded in the fancy studio experience for a DIY one, where she deftly stole precious moments to record in her Koreatown apartment’s walk-in closet during the few moments her newborn baby was asleep. “This creative process was unlike any other I’ve ever experienced,” explains Davey. She further elaborates, “I was hearing a raw and gritty rock sound in my head and knew that I would have to create it myself in order to get exactly what I was imagining. I’ve grown as a songwriter, producer and guitar player and I wanted to showcase that with a new sonic playground.”

Check out her first single, Howl at the Moon

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