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Futura’s “Future-Shock” at Valmorbida

Futura Future Shock Valmorbida

Futura drawing in someone’s black book.

While most people were visiting their favorite shops to get glimpses of celebrities acting silly, I decided to bypass the traditional FNO festivities and attend a different FNO activity – one of the “Futura’s Night Out’ variety.

Futura Future Shock Valmorbida

Andy Valmorbida, the gallery owner that hosted Retna’s The Hallelujah World Tour exhibition (also during fashion week), presented Future Shock, a collection of Futura’s new works curated by Nemo Librizzi. Future Shock marks Futura’s first solo show in New York in over ten years.

Lee Quinones and Nemo Librizzi

I’m so happy I was in town to attend this opening. The paintings were signature Futura and you could get stuck looking at one painting for a very long time. Atoms, paint splatters abounded as well as a series of paintings that looked to me like the ripples of crumpled paper. It’s pretty amazing what you can do with a can of paint. It was also a who’s who of downtown’s finest with many other artists in attendance to support Lenny McGurr including another graffiti legend Lee Quinones.

You can see all of the pieces from the show below and if you’re in NY anytime before October 5th I would definitely check it out.

560 Washington Street
New York City

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