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Fashion Meets Film: Top Five High School Movies

Welcome Back Y’all!

Ah! It’s that wonderful time of year again: September. The month of fresh starts, school and new fashion. So why not roll all those things into one? First get out your notebooks and freshly sharpened pencils because class is in session. This is the list of the top 5 High School films that will fill your closet with what you need for the first day of school. (And yes, there will be a test on this).

Who will be in your burn book?

5. Mean Girls
This brilliant Tina Fey masterpiece was made in the early 2000’s but has already been marked as a classic. It wasn’t that long ago but, so far, it seems that the decade will be known for Lindsay Lohan at her prime, Juicy Couture sweat suits, and bedazzled flip phones. (Flip phones! Remember those?) All you need to remember is to try to limit wearing your hair in a pony tail to just once a week. And of course, on Wednesday’s you wear pink!

Throw away your text books and grab a dance partner instead!

Okay, let’s take a poll. I mean really, who didn’t want to go to a wonderful fantasy school like the one in Fame? I would have loved to be able to break out into a perfectly choreographed dance routine while heading to my history class in a tutu or something equally awesome. Just remember to wear your leg-warmers, baggy swoop-neck sweatshirt, and your indipensible all-white shell toe ADIDAS.

Missed the bus? Catch a new kind of ride.

Want to rule the school? Well you got to look the part.

3. Cooley High
Now here’s a good old fashioned history lesson for all you kids out there sporting the varsity jackets. (Like you were ever on an actually team to begin with.) Let me tell you about Cooley High School, the place where all that awesome style came from. Way before it became cool, the boys of Cooley High were rocking varsity jackets, freshly pressed khakis, skinny ties, paperboy’s hats and the tortoise shell glasses. Watch this movie, all you hipsters, and learn about your fashion heritage.

You would kill to be a Heather.

2. Heathers
I am sorry but you are a nobody if you don’t have your scrunchies! Don’t believe me? Then I guess you are not a Heather. But if you want to be one (and be careful what you wish for) you have to know how to rule the school with popularity and style. Some girls would kill to be famous in this high school.

Back stabbing is the new black.

1. The Breakfast Club

What’s a high school list of films without:
A. John Hughes production
B. The movie from the 80’s
C. A big, juicy part for Molly Ringwald
D. All of the above.
If you answer D, congrats! You get it. In this beloved John Hughes movie we see the world of high school stereotypes and the fascinating ways they present themselves. Who didn’t watch this movie and think “Oh my god! I am a basketcase and that girl in my 5th period is such a Princess.” We all eventually grow out of these characters when the clothes don’t seem to fit the same but it’s always fun to to back and see the way we were.

Pick your type. Then know how to dress the part!

Extra credit:
Other great/fashion forward high school films already featured on other Fashion Meets Film articles include Clueless, Dazed & Confused, Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion, Just One of The Guys, Can’t Hardly Wait, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and Teen Witch.

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