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Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lip Color Review

Confession time – I can count on one hand just how many Chanel lipsticks I currently own. I have to be selective because my lips are so sensitive to certain formulas and when I do find one that works I will hoard that brand’s lipstick collection. I have a love/hate relationship with Chanel lipsticks – some of the formulas don’t play well with my lips or I just never find a color that works for me. Well I’m sure it works on my skin tone, I just don’t always find a shade that I’m particularly ga-ga over. I have tried the Rouge Coco line that advertised a hydrating and then the gloss/lipstick hybrid Rouge Coco Shine and both formulas weren’t all that hydrating for me. Well Rouge Coco Shine is great I just didn’t find a shade that I was excited about.

The one formula that did bring me success and joy is the Rouge Allure. Not the velvet version or even the laque, the extrait de gloss is another story (LOVE) but just the original formula. So when I discovered it was being discontinued the last time I visited the Chanel counter at Neiman Marcus last month, I was on the verge of tears. Sensing my dismay, the kind counter associate announced that a new version of the Rouge Allure would roll out mid-August. It was mid-July when she told me this, I was this close to sitting by my cellphone like I was waiting for a boy in math class I was crushing on to call me after school!

The Chanel Glossimers are a whole other beast – I can’t seem to own enough of those glosses!

The call finally came but I didn’t return back to NM, nothing personal, Macy’s was closer and I was allowed to buy one lipstick on my husband’s Macy’s gift card. I had to make it worth my while – a Chanel lipstick was a no brainer!

I wanted a shade that was on trend for Fall but also a shade that I could feel comfortable slicking on before a meeting without a mirror. I also considered a shade with enough impact that didn’t require a whole lot of eye shadow or liner.  Normally, I would go right to a red or pink but I wanted something deeper, like a plum or berry. The original I own is Romantic, a beautiful deep, reddish rose. I wanted to deviate from that.

So I went Rouge Noir – a very deep brown based berry, with a bit of red.


First thing I notice was just the name change – the original was Luminous Satin and this new version is Luminous Intense. Yes, the newer version is more pigmented than the original. I also felt instant comfort and shine. The lipstick imparts a great amount of slip with the first application – it doesn’t drag on the lip and I apply straight from the tube without a liner. Depending on how long you can go without drinking any beverages while wearing, the shine factor will vary. Once the color settles, it does last. I didn’t reapply until four hours later.

To be quite honest, this one is just as comfortable on my lips as the original formula but yes, I get more color and wear from the new version.

I am currently plotting my return and carefully thinking about what color I want next because I can easily be swayed to pick up the entire 16 piece collection. If you want to give yourself a lipstick treat, please stop by your nearest Chanel counter just to try this on. From nude, coral, pink to gorgeous reds, you’d be hard pressed to not find a shade that you’d obsess over!

This was purchased by yours truly at Macy’s (please note that not all Macy’s carries the Chanel cosmetic collection) – $34/USD. Also available at other department stores that carries the brand, as well as online –

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