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The NARSskin Collection Review

As any NARS fan knows, Francois Nars photographs all of his ad campaigns, as well as the photos in his books.  So it’s no surprise that he’s a firm believer in clear, luminescent skin is the best foundation for any makeup look.  To capture the power of light in an anti-aging collection that helps skin reflect light as never before,  Nars discontinued his previous skincare line (except the Gentle Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover and Makeup Removing Water) to introduce: NARSskin. Each NARSskin product contains unique Light Reflecting Complex™, utilizing pure ingredients that work in synergy to transform the skin and boost its translucency. Light-Active Micro-Prisms are combined with algae extract and Polynesian seawater to optically enhance light reflection, promote natural cellular turnover, and infuse skin with moisture.

In clinical tests, participants claimed brighter, smoother, more resilient skin. Therefore, makeup application goes on easier, blends evenly and lasts longer than before product use.

I have problematic, sensitive skin (eczema-proned) and I experienced breakouts with the original skincare line. I was curious but also hesitant to try this line. I was lucky enough to try three items from this line: Gentle Cream Cleanser, Multi-Action Hydrating Toner and Double Refining Exfoliator.

Participants claimed softer skin, comfort, conditioning with the cleanser. I will say that if lathered pretty nicely and my skin did feel soft after rinsing off but I immediately felt dry seconds after. My usual CeraVe hydrating cleanser makes my skin feel softer longer after washing. Testers of the toner claimed hydration, softness, evening of skin and immediate tone. These results I can agree with. The exfoliator, also got great test results – instant softness, gentle, non-irritating, minimizing pores. This I can also agree with. I was so pleased the first week with my items and I immediately thought that this could be my new skincare regimen.

However, a few days later I broke out. My skin tends to freak out when I switch my routine abruptly. I went back to using my CeraVe cleanser and when my skin goes back to normal, I will try to incorporate the toner again – especially if I wore a heavier foundation that day or after a workout. I’ll stick to using the exfoliator just once a week.  I will recommend this to those that don’t have super sensitive skin, like mine. I can’t report on any  brightening effects since I just started using this and I am not able to use this regularly. Please don’t let this deter you from trying the new skincare line, keep in mind that everyone has different skin types and issues.

I am willing to incorporate this in my night routine because who doesn’t want to strive for luminescent skin, over the age of 35?

Product lineup:

Gentle Cream Cleanser – $29, Purifying Foam Cleanser – $29, Multi-Action Hydrating Toner – $32, Double Refining Exfoliator – $34, Aqua Gel Luminous Mask – $39, Total Replenishing Eye Cream – $55, Aqua Gel Luminous Oil-Free Moisturizer -$58, Luminous Moisture Cream – $62, Optimal Brightening Concentrate – $72.

The three items I tested were sent to me for consideration by the PR folks at NARS cosmetics

Now available at department stores that carry the NARS collection, as well as online at


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