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NARS Eyeliner Stylo, 2.0

About two years ago (maybe even a bit longer) NARS introduced their felt tip lining liquid pen, Eyeliner Stylo in Nuits Blanches (black). I was super curious about this and when I discovered it was included in a NARS exclusive box set at Sephora, I didn’t hesitate to purchase it. After testing the liner, let’s just say I was really happy that this came with other great products. The liner let me down. It didn’t go on as dark as it should, if anything I had to apply many layers to get it dark or I’d have to layer this with another black pencil liner. Also, it didn’t last very long on my eyes. I always use a primer and my lids are never oily.

I take my black liners very seriously and this one rarely got any play with my eye looks. I only used this when I couldn’t fine my trusty MAC Fluidline gel liner.

Until recently, that MAC liner is going to have to move over. NARS revamped the felt tip liner and I must say, I couldn’t be happier. Top is the older version and the bottom is the newer liner. The only difference is size – the newer version is a bit slimmer.

These come in four colors: Carpates (black), Nuka Hiva (brown), Atlantic (navy) and Koala (grey).

As you know, I love collecting my black liners and to mix it up I decided on the Nuki Hiva for my smoky brown/bronze eye looks.

Here’s a fun little swatch lineup between the original liner, the new black and the brown:

Maybe I got a bad eyeliner in my box set but that’s how faded that liner always was. I always had to bend the tip of the old pen just to make sure the liquid hadn’t dried up and it would distribute evenly to the tip.On the other hand, the new liners easily glide on my skin and there was no need to apply multiple layers.

Here’s Carpates on my eye:

And here is Nuku Hiva:

In addition to easy application, it dries in seconds – you need to work quickly. If you are a liquid lining novice I recommend to layer this on top of a black pencil. I am still getting the hang of this. I’m more comfortable with pencils and gel liners just because you can go lightly and build up. This felt tip liner is pretty efficient to give you a true black line at first try. I am not use to using a brown liquid liner so I had a bit of trouble using this one. I paired Nuka Hiva with a smoky taupe look and it went on really light – it almost looked patchy on my lid. I had to grab my MAC Coffee kohl liner to darken the line. I still like this shade of brown so I may just pair with a nude shadows when I don’t want to much focus on my eyes.

These do have long lasting power. The swatches above on my hand endured bath time with my daughter – there was some fading but the older version did come off first. I soak a cotton ball with my Chanel Demaquillant Yeux Intense and hold over my lid for a bit and gently rub off. What doesn’t come off with eye makeup remover will easily come off with water.

These are currently available online – and retail for $27/USD.

These were sent to me for consideration by the folks at NARS. I am so impressed that I am considering purchasing the Atlantic pen just because I also love a blue liner!

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