Nails Did: Nail The BYTCH Swatches and Review

When I was browsing Twitter one day, I came across this dope nail brand that goes by the name of Nail the BYTCH (an acronym for Be Your True Creative Heroine)! They have an excellent concept behind their brand, which serves as a movement for women who aren’t afraid to be bold, and caters to women who refuse to let society’s labels define them. Today I will be sharing swatches and a review of several polishes from their line.

First up is Jelly Jeans Queen! This is a really cool color because it changes colors in the light. Sometimes it’s more blue, while at other times, it’s more gray. It’s a muted, sophisticated color that has a secret shimmer in the formula that keeps it from being a typical creme polish.

Next up is Frutie Cutie Butte, a pink based lavender creme.

Finally, Lick-or-ish Bytch is a bright, classic red creme.

The formulas for these polishes were all very consistent. They had an excellent creme/jelly formula that were opaque within two coats and dried to a nice, shiny finish. I used two coats with top coat in my swatches above, but you can definitely get by without a topcoat because the finish is just that shiny!

My favorite one would have to be Jelly Jeans Queen, because it’s very flattering and the shimmer makes it really unique. The last two are more standard shades, but they have excellent formulas that make them worth checking out if you’re searching for a pinky lavender or classic red.

You can check out the rest of the Nail the BYTCH line here and cop a few for only $6 each.

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