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M.I.S.S. Techcessories – Prada x LG Bluetooth Headset

Prada and LGs new Bluetooth headset

I believe that Bluetooth headsets have a place in the world…just not out in the street.  While you may think you look like a suave secret service agent while wearing one, or someone who’s so important that they might get a call any minute at all times of the day, chances are you look more like a receptionist from the future or, worse, a red shirt crew member from the Star Trek Enterprise.

So, if you can’t openly wear your Bluetooth headset without being ridiculed, where can you wear one?  Why, in your car, of course! Jabbering away into your cell phone while driving is illegal in most places, and 9-10 scientists agree that talking while driving is the number one cause of most diseases.  Good thing, then, that LG and Prada have joined forces yet again, this time on a collaborative Bluetooth Headset that kind of matches the Android phone they dropped earlier this year.

At around $140 it’s probably one of the few Prada branded things that a lot of people could ever hope to own.  And you’d look swanky flying down the freeway.

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