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M.I.S.S. Techcessories – Evernote Smart Notebooks by Moleskine

Digital Meets Analog

What happens when digital meets analog? The Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine.

Notebooks are a must, whether you’re up in the office meeting with clients, in class trying to look good in front of your teachers, or sitting in the park drawing doodles of happy little trees.  You could drive down to your local CVS and pick up those ubiquitous black and white compositions books, but those are soooooo 20th century!  The new hotness are Moleskines, and the new new hotness are Evernote Smart Notebooks by Moleskine.

Evernote Smart Notebooks by Moleskine are what happen when you combine Evernote’s digital note taking software with Moleskine’s analog pen and paper notebooks.  The notebooks allow iPhone and iPad users to take photos of their notes, drawings, or whatever (world domination plans?) and archive them with Evernote’s updated app, making them searchable for future reference.  Skewed photos are automatically corrected due to dots featured on each of the notebooks’ pages, and the photos of your notes are automatically given a proper contrast adjustment.  In addition to all these fancy features, there are stickers!  Glorious stickers!  But they’re not there to just help you further personalize your notebooks (although…they could be used for that…).  These Smart Stickers actually feature pre-defined tags that making searching your important stuff that much easier.

The Evernote Smart Notebooks by Moleskine will be available in pocket and big sizes on October 1st for $25 and $30 respectively.  If you can’t wait until then, they can be pre-ordered now at Moleskine’s online store.

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