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Can’t Stop Listening to Hidden Orchestra

hidden orchestra

Hidden Orchestra is the name of a quartet that I’m happy to say is my new favorite musical discovery. The basis of the quartet is a set of dueling drum kits manned by Tim Lane and Jamie Graham, accompanied by Poppy Ackroyd on violin and piano and Joe Acheson on bass and bringing in original samples. Their music has so many layers and influences that I think they describe it best themselves:

Edinburgh-based Hidden Orchestra combine two live drummers, organic samples and dubby basslines to make cinematic, emotive, percussive music. Resplendent with layers of intense soundscapes, it takes audiences on a deep and truly original sonic journey containing elements of jazz, classical, drum’n’bass, rock and hip hop, moulded into a coherent whole.

(Tru Thoughts)

Their second album Archipelago will be released on October 1st and in anticipation of the release, their label Tru Thoughts is releasing the double A-side digital single “Vorka”/ “Spoken” on September 10th. Listen to the first single below…

And I can’t get enough of the Hidden Orchestra Flight mixtape released earlier this year – it takes you on a musical journey that spans the likes of Bjork, Madlib, The Pharcyde, Wu Tang Clan and Dizzy Gillespee and includes an eclectic and intricately-woven selection of music, sound effects, acapellas, interviews, and spoken word. If I’m listening to music the next few days, it will be this mix…

You’re welcome.

Source: Wax Poetics

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