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Blogger Project: Insubordinate Lads

insubordinate lads weekender
Insubordinate Lads is the labor of love of a husband and wife team; the husband hails from London, while the wife hails from New York. Like their union, Insubordinate Lads marries London military styling with American craftsmanship.

insubordinate lads tote

You’re probably wondering why I’m even writing about a men’s company and I’ll tell you. I love man bags – especially those that are military-inspired. I find those kinds of bags to be the most functional and I happen to think that they involve simple, clean, design where all the details are thought out and these bags are meant to last. I photographed my two favorite bags the Weekender ($370) and the Tote ($265) – I think they would work equally well for a man or a woman and I especially like the camo fabric. Maybe camo cargos are not your style but you can still rock your camo with a bag. You can find the bags online come spring at

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