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Blogger Project: Insight 51

insight 51 swimwear

I love Insight 51 because the clothing and swimwear is, to put it simply, fun.  The line always has bold colors and vibrant prints on silhouettes that are slouchy and comfy without looking sloppy at all.  For spring and summer, we’re hit with some tropical meets pop meets retro.  This combo of inspirations translates to prints of fruits, parrots, and patterns reminiscent of other eras.  Cut-outs in unexpected places and details – especially in the back – make for surprising elements on the garments.

One of my favorites was the cropped wet tee which is a great layering piece on or off the beach.  Denim was inspired by the 1970s indigo and all of the artwork was hand-drawn by in-house artists.  My favorite part of the collection was the swimwear.  Bikinis featured mixed bottoms and tops were a fun way to jazz up a two piece.  And the one pieces!  Insight 51 knows how to make a sexy one-piece!  All of the swimwear had hints of lingerie details that made the pieces super sexy.  The icing on the cake of the collection is the introduction of Insight Collectibles which featured candles in the shape of skulls and my favorite four-letter word beginning with F.

If summer is not enough incentive to get your body beach ready, then Insight 51’s swimwear will give you that extra push you need.  I’ve already started upping the number of crunches I’m doing  :)

insight 51 swimwear

insight 51 swimwear

insight 51 candles

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