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Ask MISSter Simms – My Boyfriend Is Bi?!

Bi boys

What do you do when you realize your boyfriend may have been playing for the other team all along?

Dear MISSter Simms,

I was at my boyfriend’s apartment the other night using his computer to finish up work when I came across some pictures of him in nothing but his birthday suit and a smile.  At first I thought he had taken them with the intention of one day mailing them to me, but looking at them further made me realize they weren’t taken for me at all.  They looked more like photos you’d see splashed across a gay porn site.  Absolutely bewildered, I decided to do a Google search and, sure enough, found that my boyfriend had a profile on a dating site for gay men.  In his profile he stated that he was bi!  What do I do now?

Shocked and Awed

Dear SAA,

Obviously there’s only one solution to this problem: confronting him and demanding a menage-a-tois, stat!  At least you would do that if this were fantasy land.  In reality, you still have to confront him about his hidden desires.  Let him know that, while you didn’t mean to pry (you didn’t mean to pry, right?), you came across his secret and are totally cool with him being bisexual.  You’re just not cool with him being bisexual and trying to pick up random dudes on the internet on the down low.  Let him know that that type of behavior can lead to a whole host of unwanted problems.  Personally I’d break up with him as the fact that he’s got a profile on a gay website means he’s out there trying to explore something different than what you guys have/had, but whether you ultimately decide to do that is up to you.  At the very least you need to have a conversation with him about this issue and get things out in the open.  Once you do, you’ll know what to do.

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