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Summer Festival Madness: Outdoor Movies

Aw! The sweet, sweet, sweaty smell of summer is here. Summer means longer days, later nights, swimsuits, daytime drinking, BBQs, and my personal favorite: outdoor movies.

The idea of hiding away in a dark, air-conditioned movie theater undoubtedly sounds ideal to some people, but I aim for a more sociable environment. So here’s is a list of some great outdoor movies events happening in a town near you.

Why not watch the stars under the stars, New Yorkers? Grab your favorite snacks and a blanket and ride your bicycle (or as I call it, the Brooklyn Bentley) to bicycle-themed outdoor movies at Pier 1 in Riverside Park South. With films like Quicksilver (July 25th) Amelie (August 1st) Pee Wee’s Big Adventure (August 8th) or adorable French animated film Triplets of Belleville (August 15th), you’ll always find it worth the ride.

In Los Angeles, the city that (almost) never rains, they have year-round outdoor movie events. But there’s something about summertime that make it that more special.  Hopefully you were able to grab your favorite classic munchies and head over to Grand Hope Park to watch Dazed & Confused on July 7th. Looking for a guys’ night out? Well, keep your bros together in North Hollywood to learn some lamebrained how-to-succeed-in-business strategies from the 90’s buddy film Tommy Boy on July 21st. Or celebrate the fact that it’s Friday and catch Friday at Hollywood Recreation Center on August 11th.

All you lovely peeps in San Francisco could check out the Oscar Award Winning 2011 Best Movie The Artist that tells the silent but adorable story of the end of silence in films; it plays on Saturday July 14th, about 8 PM in Union Square. Or if you’re looking for an excuse to sport your Member’s Only jacket with the massive shoulder pads, then you got to go see the John Hughes’s 80’s classic Sixteen Candles on Saturday, August 4, at about 8 PM at Dolores Park. (They’re kind of vague about starting times in S.F.)

As for my Seattle peeps, I know we are having a half-assed summer weatherwise, but let’s pretend it’s warm and sunny. Because if the weather isn’t warm, at least the Fremont Outdoor Movie Theater has a blazing hot line-up of films this summer, starting with the Seattle-based Singles on June 30th, then stopping in New York for Ghostbusters on July 14th, and finally finishing up deep in the danger zone with Top Gun on July 28th.

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