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NARS for Don Giovanni

NARS Artist, James Kaliardos collaborated with designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte – who custom designed all of the costumes for this production – to create the beauty looks for the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s production of the famed opera Don Giovanni (debuted May 18th). The renowned Gustavo Dudamel conducts the opera and Los Angeles architect Frank Gehry designed the set at the landmark Walt Disney Concert Hall, also designed by Gehry.

A quick note about the stark white set filled with abstract shapes and crumbled paper icebergs that dominates the stage: it’s a metaphor for the characters of a complicated plot that ends with the degenerate Don being dragged into Hell.

“The makeup is abstracted but rooted in classical theatre,” said James Kaliardos, who created the exclusive looks for the eight principle  characters and 24-member choir. “Everything about the space – both on stage and in the concert hall’s structure is about angled planes, no straight walls. So I created a facial architecture as a base, letting the characters drive each look. We chose a stony palette and strong lip color for each of the female leads. NARS gave us a great platform of color and texture to leap off of onto the stage. It’s totally different than fashion work”

“Working with NARS and makeup artist James Kaliardos for Don Giovanni has been an exciting collaboration,” said Laura and Kate Mulleavy. “The brand’s depth of products and line of colors, in addition to James’ talent, has helped bring our vision to life!”

Below are the key products used to create the three female characters:

Donna Zerlina


Skin: Siberia Sheer Glow Foundation

Eyes: Lil Marlene Cream Eyeshadow/Lhasa Eyeshadow/Nuits Blanche Eyeliner Stylo

Lips: Amazon Lip Liner Pencil/Train Bleu Velvet Matte Lip Pencil/Damned Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

Cheeks: New Order Highlighting Blush/Blondie Eyeshadow

Act2: Add Damned Velvet Matte Lip Pencil to eyes

Donna Anna:

Skin: Siberia Sheer Glow Foundation

Eyes: Pandora Duo Eyeshadow/Nuits Blanches Eyeliner Stylo/Zardoz Eyeshadow/Santa Monica Blvd Larger than Life (R) Long-Wear Eyeliner

Lips: Damned Velvet Matte Lip Pencil/Red Lizard Semi Matte Lipstick/Amazon Lip Liner Pencil

Cheeks: Blondie Eyeshadow

Act2: Add Zardoz Eyeshadow to lids, and Train Bleu Velvet Matte Lip Pencil to lips

Donna Elvira:

Skin: Siberia Sheer Glow Foundation

Eyes: Zardoz Eyeshadow/Pandora Duo Eyeshadow/Nuits Blanches Eyeliner Stylo/Damned Velvet Matte Lip Pencil/Santa Monica Blvd. Larger than Life (R) Long-Wear Eyeliner

Cheeks: Blondie Eyeshadow

Act2: Add Zardoz Eyeshadow across the nose as a mask

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