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MISS Beauty Tip of the Week: A Look at NARS Fall 2012

It’s finally starting to feel like summer here in the Bay Area, even my usual foggy city reached low 70’s Saturday. That’s just crazy talk! Even though I should have been skipping along the neighborhood in a tank top and shorts, I was walking around in my black hoodie and jeans wishing it was cozy sweater weather. I know that I’m never satisfied but I really think it’s because of this little care package I received at work of the NARS Fall 2012 collection – Outlaw blush, High Society eye shadow trio and Amsterdam Velvet Matte Lipstick (pictured above).

In typical NARS fashion, Fall is an unexpected mix of colors and textures that reinterprets what we think what Autumn should be. The NARS interpretation is modern, edgy yet sophisticated.  The center piece for this collection is the High Society trio:

It is a mix of lavender shimmer, matte forest green and a darkened amethyst. You may think that lavender is out of place in this trio, best left for spring or summer. Francois Nars explains, “the pairing of lavender with forest green absolutely takes it from a warm weather color to one appropriate for cooler seasons.” Because it’s a shimmer, it has a icy quality that feels right when the temperature drops. Never one to follow the rules of makeup, Nars demonstrates that lavender shimmer should be worn anytime of the year.

Next up, Outlaw blush:

A soft rose with a beautiful gold shimmer. This looks like the sultry cousin to the peachy gold, Orgasm. This rose is definitely Autumn appropriate but because of the gold shimmer, I can easily see myself wearing this through winter and holiday party season.

Okay truth be told, I picked this lipstick for the name alone: Amsterdam.

This beautiful garnet red is named after the capital of the Netherlands, also the country where my father grew up. Yes, I was feeling a bit of pride and I’m happy to report that I love this red. It reminds me of the type of red I wore comfortably daily as a young gal in the mid-late 90’s.

I love this lipstick because for a matte formula it is so comfortable to wear. It’s not long-wearing so it only lasts three hours on me, barely. I might be also to blame for shortening the wear time by applying a very light layer of lip balm before I put on this lipstick. Add the two glasses of water and extra cup of coffee within the first two hours at the office and I find myself applying anywhere between 9:45 and 10:30 am.

Here’s a swatch lineup on my arm (MAC NC42 or NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer, Annapurna for reference):

Here’s my first of many attempts utilizing the High Society trio:

I use the lavender shade all over the lid, from lash line to brow bone and then applied the amethyst on the lid then I took it into my crease and blended. I used the forest green on my outer-v. I used the NARS Eyeliner Stylo in Nuits Blanches on top lash line and partially bottom lash line. I took a pencil brush and smudged the forest green on top of the black liner along the bottom lash line.

Here’s Outlaw blush – a side view taken with flash:

I also used the peachy Miss Liberty shimmery highlight powder on top of my cheekbones. I also used Miss Liberty as an eyebrow highlight.

I am pleased with my choices and I’m actually thinking about checking out the Autumn Leaves lipstick and maybe even the Vent Glace eye shadow duo. Can’t help it, I’m an eye shadow hoarder!

All items were sent by the folks at NARS for consideration. The nine piece NARS FALL 2012 collection is now available online on and at all stores that carry the brand.



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