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Why So Few Women Leaders? Sheryl Sandberg on TED Talks

I just came a cross this video of Sherly Sandberg on TEDWomen. If you don’t know who Sheryl Sandberg is she’s the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook and was recently named the first woman on Facebook’s Board of Directors. In the grand scheme of things she’s in the less than 15% of women executives in the United States. She recently spoke at TED Talks addressing the issue of women in leadership roles. The talk is only about 15 minutes long but is enlightening and inspiring.

I thought it was important to highlight this video because Ms. Sandberg brings up a lot of points that as women we may take for granted. Yes, women are different from men – the way they approach their jobs, evaluate themselves and go for the promotion. It’s important to note these differences and heed some of Ms. Sandberg’s advice if we are ever going to break the 15% barrier. I hope that you find the video helpful and I hope you’ll share it with other women in your life.

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