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She’s Got Sole: Keds Summer 2012

Trekking around NYC for the past week has made me realize how important your choice in shoes can be. In this city, you have to be fashionable. New York is the fashion capital of the States, and the natives are doing a good job upholding the title. Unfortunately, when you’re traveling the majority of your miles by foot and/or subway, fashionable is not enough. Comfort takes priority under these circumstances. Just in the nick of a NY minute, Keds came to rescue my barking pups. The brand’s summer 2012 collection focuses on the classic Champion, but gives color and pattern options as diverse as the people in the Big Apple.

The Champion we’ve come to know and love is usually a canvas, lace-up sneaker. This summer, the shoe got a makeover. It comes in multiple fabrics, styles, colors and patterns. From slip-on to lace-up, solid to tribal, leather to lace – Keds has every style covered. I have my eye on a seersucker pair. Or maybe a pinstripe pattern. Or animal print. Honestly, with the shoes ranging from $40-$60 in price I can grab more than one.

You can check out the full collection and purchase your favorite pairs on the Keds online store.

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