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Mon Petite Ami: Tips for Petite Women Buying Kid’s Clothing

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A few weeks ago I posted some of my recent purchases from crewcuts by J.Crew and H&M. You have to have a discerning eye to shop for yourself in the kid’s department because you don’t want to end up dressing like a kidult.  Here are some tips for picking out great children’s pieces that won’t have you looking like a child.

1. Be aware that sizing varies

Depending on the piece sizing will vary – even in the same brand.  At crewcuts I’ve bought sizes 10, 12 and 14 – it just depends on the cut and the style.  I usually can eye something and know if it will fit but I usually take 2 sizes per piece into the fitting room to be sure.  It’s good to have an idea of what size you are but it’s always best to try things on to know for sure if something fits properly.

2.  Pay attention to fit

There’s a difference between “fitting into something” and a “properly fitting garment.”  Unfortunately, for women of all sizes we see too much of just “fitting into something” and we want to avoid that look.  There are key areas to look to see if something fits properly – under the arms, bust, waist, bum and length.  Look for bunching, pulling and generally looking like you’re wearing something too small for you.  The piece may not fit you the way the clothing company had planned but if it looks like it works, then it’s fine.  For example, maybe you select a top that is supposed to be a tunic on a girl, but on you it’s a long tee. If it works with pants and doesn’t look small then don’t worry about it.

3.  Look at the embellishments and prints

I love Hello Kitty but you won’t find me wearing Hello Kitty clothing.  The H&M department is full of great character-based pieces for kids but I would stay away from them for yourself.  A good test is if you would buy it for your child, little sister, cousin, friend’s neighbors’ kid then don’t get it for yourself.  Not all embellishments are bad though – I recently bought two tops with bows on them.  I love bows and they work for adults too.  I’m just going to be careful with what I pair the pieces with so they look more adult than child.

4. Don’t forget the boy’s department

I always check out the boy’s department especially at crewcuts by J.Crew.  I tend to stay away with anything with a print because it tends to be an athletic print.  But, there are great simple pieces.  The nautical-inspired top from crewcuts pictured above is from the boy’s department.  I pair it with white jeans and my red Ferragamo’s and it says not boy nautical prep chic!

5. Don’t match your kids

If you have kids, or have siblings, cousins or other kids around resist the temptation to match them.  You’ll look like you’re trying to look younger than you are.  No bueno.

Until next time mon petite ami,

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