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MISS Beauty Tip of the Week: How I Made a Light Lipstick Work for Me

You ever have one of those moments at the makeup counter when you want to be adventurous with your color choices but end up getting the same old brown beige gloss or black eye liner? I was at a freestanding MAC boutique ready to get my free lipstick through the Back 2 MAC program (turn in six empties or MAC items you no longer love and get free lipstick at a MAC counter – gloss, single shadow at a free standing MAC store).  I was planning to be a little daring by picking up a glossy red, Lady Bug, for the summer but then got side tracked when my shopping companion asked me if I ever tried Snob.

Snob is a very light neutral pink that on a fair gal (or guy) is a very cute demure pink, but on darker skin tones it can be tricky. Unless, you happen to be Nicki Minaj.  I am not.

Pink eraser is just not my shade.

This gives a white pink cast that washes me out. I look like I have been wandering around the desert and searching for lip balm or I’m a cadaver right before I go into zombie mode.  I begin doubting myself for not getting the shade I originally wanted. I should note that the free lipsticks scored through the program cannot be exchanged, therefore I am stuck with this shade.  Before I throw in the towel and turn this in with other MAC empties for my next round with the Back 2 MAC program I decide to be resourceful. I know I can make this work with other shades that I already have. Last year, I learned from a Nordstrom sponsored NARS makeup class that anyone can practically wear any color in the line – you just need to know how to tweak it. I have adopted this way of thinking and I have new found love with the NARS colors buried in my collection that I was confident enough to wear.

Who said I couldn’t incorporate this way of thinking with my MAC (or any other brand) collection?

Before leaving the store I did got some tips from one of the MAC makeup artists on how to make this shade work better for me. She told me to warm it up with a slightly darker pink pencil. This is when my cosmetic hoarding works in my benefit – I knew I already owned the lip pencil, Soar (MAC). A mid-tone  pink brown that I knew would do the trick. Another tip, she gave me was to layer a pink to add some dimension. As you know, I own enough pink nude glosses to last me a lifetime and a half. I go with MAC’s Cremesheen gloss in Right Image, a midtone blue pink. Also, this is my favorite finish within the MAC gloss collection. This not sticky like the ever popular lipglass and it adds a good amount of pigment – looks great just layered over a lip pencil. My lips are also comfortable and moisturize when I wear this gloss.

Here’s a swatch lineup for a closer look:

For skin tone reference, I am a MAC NC42/NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer, Annapurna or Matte Foundation, Syracuse

Here is Snob again but way better:

No more chalkiness and what a difference a lip pencil and lip gloss can make. It’s now a lovely warm soft pink that’s perfect for Spring and Summer if you don’t feel like wearing a hazard bright orange lip.

I kept my eyes simple with a taupe shimmer lid, black eyeliner and lots of black mascara. On my cheeks I used a bronzing palette – Guerlain by Puccio Terra Azurra bronzing powder and blush. I can see this lip look paired with a charcoal smoky eye if you are going for a Kim Kardashian inspired look.

You still get that soft pink look but without the cadaver vibe. Soar softens the white that’s in this shade and just emphasizes the pink tones while the gloss keeps my lips from looking flat.

This just goes to show you that you can make just about any color work for your skin tone. Just be sure to use shades that may just be one shade below warmer. If you use a shade that’s too warm or dark, you may run the risk of making the shade look muddy or just blah.

I’m ready to experiment with other colors I have tossed aside in my collection. I am hoping to fall in love all over again with products I forgot about. Not only will this make me feel a lot more efficient but it will save me some money. Money that needs to go back into the vacation fund so my daughter can meet her favorite Disney Princess in person, Rapunzel!

Are there any colors in your collection that you saved from tossing into the wastebasket? How did you make it work for you?

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