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M.I.S.S. Techcessories: The Bandai Smartpet

bandai smartpet

Arf Arf!

I love dogs but let’s be real.  All that cuteness and loyalty can’t hide the fact that they’re drooling, peeing, and pooping machines.  Some of them even like to bark incessantly, or worse, maul you in your sleep!  That’s why I’m thankful for countries like Japan, which is slowly but surely figuring out how to replace not only humans with creepy, doe-eyed robots, but our pets as well.

Meet the latest robot puppy to come out of the land of the rising sun: Bandai’s Smartpet.  It turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into your new, adorable BFF.  Like a real dog, the Smartpet can walk, sit up, wag its tail excitedly, and express its feelings via cartoon faces shown on your iDevice’s screen.  You can even make it do tricks using gesture and voice commands.

Even more awesome is that the Smartpet learns over time.  As you play with your Smartpet more, it reads and learns your reactions and acts accordingly.  Think about it like this: when you call your dog, it comes, and you give it a treat – and your dog realizes that following your commands leads to good things.  The Smartpet works a lot like that.  Let’s all just hope it doesn’t become self aware and blow us all to kingdom come.

You can pick one up from Japan Trend Shop for $95.

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