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M.I.S.S. Techcessories: Swaag iPhone App

I used to be totally content with rolling out of bed and putting on whatever clothes I happened to come across lying on the floor, until the day I discovered Hypebeast and its “What Did You Wear Today” forum thread.  Being able to see what kids like me were wearing around the world inspired me to be the snazzy dresser that I am today, and sites like, The Sartorialist, and Drop Tokyo have continued to fuel my passion for fashion.

Now there’s a new iPhone app that takes the idea of a street style site and merges it with an Instragram-like social network.  It’s called Swaag, and just like some of your favorite street style sites, it allows you to upload a photo of your outfit, tag it with information about your pieces, and easily share your post with friends over social networks like Facebook or Twitter.  You can give and receive feedback on posted looks as well as challenge any user to a Swaag battle where the community presumably decides which outfit is more swaagerific than the other.  Best of all, the app is free and available in the iTunes App Store right…now.

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