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Bijules Presents Bijulesterie

bijules bijulesterie
Long-time MISS favorite jewelry designer Bijules has taken the plunge – literally – into opening her own subterranean showroom and shop. Bijules told Cool Hunting:

I come from the underground…I started promoting Bijules in the clubs here in New York. It makes sense to launch in the belly of the Bowery to maintain the real integrity of the brand. Bijules is a research-driven brand and my clients take pride in the discovery of their jewels. The fact that the Bijulesterie breathes below ground indicates its durability in this grimy city but also its communication potential will flourish from down under to way above!

Bijules took care to create a complete experience from the moment of locating the clandestine location and descending the stairs and sensing the custom scent developed by Six Scents. Once in the Bijulesterie you see “contemporary psychedelic artwork by Sylvia Hommert, flower design by 11×11, streaming tunes while we work and of course a 125-gallon vintage aquarium—aka the Bijules jewelry display.”

Ever since I’ve known Bijules everything she has done is next level and I can’t wait to visit the Bijulesterie the next time I’m in New York. If you want to check it out for yourself email

Click on the first photo to see all of the images larger and in a slideshow…

All Photos by Elizabeth Raab

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