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She’s Got Sole: Hello Kitty x VANS – More for the ladies!

Vans x Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty and Vans have teamed up again to produce another collection for children and the ladies – but this time, the collection includes apparel and accessories. I didn’t think it was possible but the Vans x Hello Kitty collections keep getting cuter and cuter. I like that Vans is going back to Hello Kitty’s roots and went with the original 1974 colorway of blue overalls and red bow. I’m also loving the oversize red bows on the sneakers, sweat tops and backpack. Hmmm… I’ve been thinking I need a new backpack – I may need to get this. If not for me, then I’ll save it for the Tiny Dancer!

And for the kiddos…

Vans x Hello Kitty

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One Response to “She’s Got Sole: Hello Kitty x VANS – More for the ladies!”

  1. Metatron says:

    one of my co-workers has a pair of the original helly kitty vans shoes, and they look suuuper nice in person. i actually wanted a pair after seeing them!


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