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She’s Got Sole: Diadora Trident

Italian sportswear company Diadora is bringing the 80s back in a major way. We haven’t seen the Trident since ’84, but it’s making a guest appearance this summer. This design fits in perfectly with the other suede and nylon designs from more prominent brands. In all honesty, the simple and clean silhouettes that the Diadora brand has built upon are some of my favorites. The primary issue for baby-foot babes like myself will be hunting these down in a size small enough. For those of you gals who can run with the big boys, choosing a color is a task in itself. The Trident is slated to release in at least six colors (images of the shoe in black, brown, blue, red, and two shades of grey have already been floating around). Keep checking back for pricing and an expected release date.

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