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Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE the Chola look.  In fact, my last MAMA collection was inspired by the Latin Lovelies.  Love it or leave it, you can’t deny that Cholas have a look all of their own.  About a month ago, my favorite Chola Hella Breezy, posted a picture of a Cholafied Hello Kitty on my Facebook page.  It was perfection.  She told me about a website called Cholafied that “cholafies” pretty much anyone you can imagine.


Michael Jason Enriquez is the genius behind Cholafied and he takes photos of celebrities and adds on the signature black winged-out eyeliner, painted and arched eyebrows, dark lip liner and for some, tattoos.  He displays his Cholafied personalities on his website Cholafied.  You need to check out the site.  I picked out some of my favorites but they are all amazing.  Have fun and if you’re in the mood, break out the lip liner and eyeliner and get cholafied

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2 Responses to “Órale, Get CHOLAFIED!”

  1. Michelle Michelle says:

    Too entertaining. Great post 😛

  2. Alexis Dayers Alexis says:

    one of my favorite time killers at work!


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