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NARS Andy Warhol – FALL 2012

andy warhol lips

Yesterday WWD announced that Francois Nars will launch NARS Andy Warhol – created under a license with the Andy Warhol estate. Andy Warhol, the iconic figure of the Pop Art movement in the 1960’s is most known for Campbell Soup can painting, silk screen pictures of actresses, like Marilyn Monroe (and later of his famous Studio 54 friends) and avant garde films. He is also responsible for the magazine, Interview and his working space that included a very downtown and fashionable entourage – The Factory. I can’t think of a better person to create a collection based around Andy Warhol. The classic black NARS packaging with his name in basic white sans serif typeface with overlapping letters would sit comfortably on the floor of the Factory next to a Warhol silkscreen.

This limited edition collection will feature innovative packaging, products and shades. NARS already features a products that are named after Warhol’s iconic friends and one of his experimental movies: Edie, Nico, Ondine and Chelsea Girls.

Type the name Andy Warhol in the Google search engine and images like this one pops up instantly:

I love this photo but I think it would be interesting to blend his 1960’s Factory days with late 70’s partying with Liza and Bianca at Studio 54:

If anyone that can blend the gritty downtown art scene with night time hedonistic decadence it’s NARS. This will be the brand’s largest strategic collaboration to date. If you are a NARS enthusiast like me, you must be eagerly counting down the days till this collection launches.

This project will debut domestically in October and worldwide in November. In the meantime, watch this video to get you in the mood.

Thoughts? What are iconic Warhol image and/or figure do you hope to see immortalize in this collection?

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