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Nails Did: MINX Nails at Australia Fashion Week

Nail fashion is all the rave right now and even top dollar designers are taking note. Staple nail decor company MINX recently took their talents down under for Australian Fashion Week. Spring/Summer 2013 fashions from My Wild Love, Phoenix Keating, Miss Unkon, and Blesse’d are the Meek were all complimented by the nail art patterns that only MINX can provide.

It is no surprise the designers chose MINX as a nail covering for their runway shows. Not only is the accessory completely customizable, but it needs no dry time and is smudge free. The quick and frequent outfit changes mixed with the crowd of people rushing backstage could be a recipe for nail disaster, but MINX is the perfect solution.

MINX offers countless prints, patterns, and hues so the four designers had quite a task on their hands when choosing the perfect nail art for their shows. My Wild Love models wore arrow shaped nails with Rattlesnake MINX print tips. Miss Unkon went with a MinxLusion metallic gradient. Phoenix Keating and Blesse’d are the Meek each chose custom designs.

Take a peek at the hair, makeup, fashions, and most of all, nails from four of the top shows from Australia Fashion Week.

Image Layout: C_Rocka

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