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My Little Pony Project 2012

This Saturday, M.I.S.S. took on an adventure to visit the My Little Pony Project  in Los Angeles. The first stop was Munky Kings Gallery which hosted Indie 184’s entry to the pony show. They also offered DIY ponies for those that made purchases in the store as part of the promo and MLP scavenger hunt.

En route to the actual show at Toy Art Gallery, the streets were  filled with fans and pony enthusiasts all lined up around the block to join the festivities. Once we got in, it was absolute chaos! My Little Ponies galore starting with displays of ponies customized by select artists such as 6%dokidoki, Cope2, and Angry Woebots. The gallery also showcased paintings, nostalgic MLP figurines and jewelry.

But my all-time favorite of the night had to be seeing adult men and women – or what they like to call themselves: bronies and pegasisters- dressed for the occasion. They weren’t shy about it either.

Next stop was Joyrich which hosted a pony of their own along with offerings of cute My Little Pony nail designs by artist Cake Nails. Cupcakes, stickers, and humungous MLP tote bags were also available for the guests to enjoy.

Without a doubt, My Little Pony took Melrose by storm and made the avenue its own. It was definitely a nostalgic night reminiscing on toys of my younger years and the newer generation of ponies being reinvented by today’s hottest visual artists.

For more information on the event, visit their site.

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