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M.I.S.S. Techcessories – Art Lebedev’s Bulavkus USB Flash Drive Safety Pin

Art Lebedev USB Flash Drive

The most useful USB Flash drive of all time?

When you think about Moscow, the first things that come to mind are probably Vodka (and lots of it), Baryshnikov, the Kremlin, and bears wearing fezzes doing kazachok (aka the Russian sitting dance)).  Now you can add “quirky electronics” to the list, thanks to Moscow based Art Lebedev Studio.  They’ve come up with a couple of interesting things over the years, most notably the Optimus Popularis programmable keyboard.  Now they’ve come up with a more functional than usual USB flash drive.

Dubbed the Bulavkus, it’s what happens when you take a tiny, 4GB USB flash drive and merge it with a safety pin.  It should be easier to keep track of since it can easily clip to a bag or your clothes.  And, should you happen to lose a strategically placed button or break your pants zipper, you’ll already have a means of solving the problem right on you.  Sadly, no pricing or release information has been made available yet, but let’s hope this arrives much sooner rather than later.

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