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Fashion Meets Music: Rita Ora

Rita ora style

Rita Ora has been on the music scene for a while now, recently making waves with her latest video How We Do (Party). Lately with the Gagas, Perrys and Minajs of the world, it seems lady singers are trying to outdo themselves to see who can look craziest. So, when I saw Rita Ora and her downtown meets glamour girl look I was immediately hooked.

Rita Ora has called out Gwen Stefani as a style influence and it’s definitely apparent – though I wouldn’t say that it’s a copy cat look. Ora seems to tread the line of influence but not copying very carefully. The bleach blonde look is probably the most obvious reference – as are the beater tanks, red lips and crop tops.  And like Stefani, she can walk the fine line of street and glamour.

rita ora style

Though she doesn’t have a tremendous discography yet, Rita Ora has definitely developed a signature look.  Her blonde locks are very often topped with a beanie (and very frequently a XXX beanie which you can get online), she wears custom leather jackets (made by L.A. Roxx) and her look wouldn’t be complete without her nails did, big jewelry (the bigger and golder the better) and her red lipstick.  She also is able to play the part of the tom boy and look every bit the lady.

Though How We Do (Party) is her latest release, I actually like the fashion better in her R.I.P video so I’ve broken down three of my favorite looks from the video below.  I definitely can’t wait to see more from Rita Ora and I hope she stays true to her look.
rita ora style

rita ora style

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