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She’s Got Sole: Be & D Autumn 2012 Sneaker Collection

Up-and-coming fashion icon Cassie was spotted during Paris Fashion Week in a pair of sneakers that have been raved about ever since. Be & D’s ‘Big City’ sneakers have been getting more press than Kim K’s latest scandal, and that’s a lot of camera flashes. The luxury accessory brand recently expanded into the sneaker market with a collection of sneakers well worth the $128 price tag.

Each shoe in the 3 sneaker collection features a canvas upper, rubber sole, and screen-printed outer. The three screenprint options include a handgun, x-ray, and the infamous stiletto. I really want these sneakers. They are simple, comfy (from what I’ve heard), and edgy. You ladies like? Better snag a pair quick from the Be & D online store before they’re all gone.

Image Layout: Feesh

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