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Mon Petite Ami: New Pick-ups from Crewcuts and H&M April 2012

crewcuts by jcrew

So much of how I dress is influenced by my size – I am petite – very petite. I clock in at 4’11” (that’s being generous) and I average 97 pounds (I go +/- 1 pound daily). Since I would characterize buying clothes for my frame as “special needs” I thought I would share my finds and tips since I know I’m not the only petite lady out there.

My first tip? Kid’s clothes! I’m so happy that many brands are starting to really concentrate on making great kid’s clothing collections. Not only do kid’s clothes fit me better, but you also save money as pieces are usually less expensive. Two of my favorite places to look for kid’s clothing is crewcuts by J.Crew and H&M.

h&m kids

Some of my recent purchases have come from crewcuts by J.Crew and the H&M girl’s and boy’s departments.  Two of the J.Crew tops are great for transitioning from winter to spring and the other tops I have tucked away for when it gets a bit warmer.

If you’re petite, don’t underestimated kid’s clothing.  You have to dig around a bit more but it’s worth it!

Until next time mon petite ami,

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