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M.I.S.S. Techcessories: Lomography’s New La Sardina Splendour


Rediscover the magic of film cameras

Ok, so you could take a whole slew of pictures on your cell phone, fire up Instragram, and make them look all fake retro…or you could be real hipster and take some real old-timey looking photos with a new Lomo. The fine folks at Lomography have just released the La Sardina Splendour, a tiny little thing that features a sardine can design (yet, thankfully, doesn’t feature the sardine can smell) inspired by the original Kandor Candid Camera of the 1940s. It comes packed with the Fritz the Blitz flash and is wrapped in a beautiful hammer-finish metal. Like the Candid that inspired it, the La Sardina Splendour looks to be the perfect little camera to whip out at a party and take overexposed photos of people in compromising situations.

The La Sardina Splendour is available now for $200 at a Lomography store near you.


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